UPDATE | Two dead, many injured after night club balcony collapsed in South Korea

Update @ July 28, 6.00am | Two people have been confirmed dead, and multiple others injured after a balcony and a staircase collapsed in a nightclub in South Korea.

Many athletes, competing in the World Swimming Championships were at the night club at the time of the incident.

Authorities say as many as 100 people were standing on the balcony at the time of the incident.


The Australian women’s’ water polo team was there, though all are confirmed as uninjured.

Captain of the team Rowie Webster confirmed she was standing on the balcony when it fell, along with athletes from the New Zealand men’s water polo team.

A total of nine athletes were reported injured.

Two South Korean citizens have been confirmed dead.

Earlier @July 27, 11.00am | One person has been killed, and several others injured, after a balcony collapsed at a night club in South Korea.

It’s understood competitors from the World Swimming Championships were at the venue, when an internal balcony fell onto the heads of other patrons.

Some New Zealand athletes were on the overcrowded balcony, and dropped more than 5 metres down onto others.

No injuries were reported by the Kiwi athletes, though one person has reportedly been killed, according to local media.

New Zealand Men’s water polo captain Matt Small was on the balcony with various other team mates and told Radio Sport it was a distressing experience.

“[It was] business as usual and then it literally collapsed beneath our feet.

“None of the boys are hurt or injured though – so that’s good.”

“But everyone’s a bit shaken up at the moment.”

“We were just dancing and then the next minute we dropped 5m-6m and everyone started rushing out of the club after that,” Small said.

It’s understood some Australian and American athletes were also at the venue.

It’s unclear how many people have been injured.