One driver damages four cars, two boats and a camper

AN ELDERLY man will have a few insurance claims to deal with, after damaging a number of vehicles, boats and buildings within mintues.

Police and ambulance crews arrived to find a path of destruction at Albion Park Rail, south of Sydney on Friday night.

Initial investigations suggest a man, 78, was attempting to drive his Mitsubishi Pajero 4WD into a garage on Robyn Road around 8.3opm when he accelerated and crashed through the rear brick wall of the garage.


He his a boat on a trailer, with the trailer becoming lodged in the front of the Mitsubishi.

In a bid to fix the situation, the man then reversed and collided with a Toyota Hilux and another boat on a trailer across the road.

This impact caused his neighbour’s garage to collapse on top of the second boat and a nearby camper trailer.

The man has then accelerated forward again, colliding with a Proton sedan and a Hyundai sedan.

The boat trailer has then lodged into the Hyundai and the Mitsubishi has come to a stop about 200m away.

The driver was taken to Wollongong Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and mandatory blood and urine testing.

A crime scene was established and investigations into the incident are continuing.