One of our favourite childhood treats is coming back to Australia!

Today is a great day for Aussie choc lovers with the announcement that one of our favourite childhood treats is coming back to the land down under!

From the end of February, Yowies will be back on shelves at Australian supermarkets after a deal was struck with its Australian and New Zealand distribution partner.

“Yowie Group is pleased to announce that a purchase order has been received from Universal Candy, our Australian based distribution partner for Yowie product for sale in Australia and New Zealand,” a statement from the company reads.


“Australia was a logical choice to begin our expansion outside of the US because of strong residual brand awareness and affinity for the product, ” Yowie chief executive Bert Alfonso said.

The Yowie confectionery was originally sold in Australia during the 1990’s. At its peak, 65 million units of the product were sold in a single year.


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