One gives it away for free, while the other’s is stolen

It’s a little ironic that yesterday, as we were celebrating International Women’s Day, two divisive female-driven headlines dominated news and gossip websites.

Both related to prominent women having their naked images posted online, but they each go down a very different track.

One of the women, Kim Kardashian, did it willingly.


Let’s be real: the 35-year-old was due her six-monthly rudie nudie headline. Her personal wealth depends on her sexual currency and she needs to pull focus from her younger, hotter siblings somehow.

So she attempted to break the internet again by uploading a sexy selfie (you can see it here; be warned, it’s probably not suitable for work).

She’s got a rockin’ body (we know this already from the myriad other times she’s posed nekkid online) but it’s unclear whether this pic is new or old.

Her caption was suitably vague, as the seductive shot was paired with the cutesy comment: “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL”.

LOL! Totes.

Less funny are the circumstances around the other nude image that has been making headlines.

It involves US sports reporter Erin Andrews, who was secretly filmed naked by her stalker.

She was getting ready to have a shower in her hotel room at the Nashville Marriott in 2008, when her serial stalker Michael David Barrett secretly videoed her. He gained access through the hotel door peephole, after he requested a room next to her; afterwards, he uploaded the footage to the internet.

Now, eight years on, Erin says she’s still haunted by the experience.

“Every day in my life,” she says tearfully, “I get a tweet or somebody makes a comment in the paper, someone sends me a still of the video, or screams at me in the stands, and I’m right back to this.”

One thing that will help her dry her tears? The US$55 million she’s just been awarded, as a result of her lawsuit against the hotel and the man who took and posted the footage.

While one woman is giving it away for free, another is about to bank tens of millions of dollars for having it stolen. Isn’t it ironic?

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