One in two patients ramped at Gold Coast Hospital as crisis worsens

The Queensland Opposition is slamming the state government over fresh data of ambulance ramping.

It shows the crisis is only getting worse on the Gold Coast, with the University Hospital among the worst in the state with one in two patients being ramped.

That’s an increase of 17.5 per cent from a year ago.


Robina Hospital’s ramping increased 21.4 per cent over the last 12 months, with 45 per cent of patients now being ramped.

LNP Leader David Crissafulli says the government’s lost control of the system, and it’s still getting worse.

“Over 50% of all patients are waiting longer than the clinically recommended 30 minutes before receiving treatment in Logan, Brisbane, Redlands, Ipswich, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

“Paramedics and nurses are spending too much of their shift in the back of an ambulance. They didn’t sign up for that.

“The LNP has put solutions on the table including better triaging, more beds and the introduction of real-time data for emergency departments.

“Currently the State Government’s approach is failing to turn the Queensland Health Crisis around.

“Queenslanders expect governments to be honest and accountable, but the Health Minister is refusing to release monthly ambulance ramping data because the statistics are getting worse.

“You can’t fix what you don’t measure.”

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