One Nation leader apologies for masturbation comments


Queensland One Nation Leader Steve Dickson has issued a statement apologising and attempting to clarify his comments about primary school students being taught to masturbate in the Safe Schools program.

The comments have drawn a categorical denial from the Premier.


Mr Dickson said the specific words he used, were not his own but relayed to him from a concerned parent.

“I apologise if the specific words I used offended anyone, but I make no apology for One Nation’s policy to remove the controversial Safe Schools Program from Queensland classrooms,” he said in a statement released today.

The comments come after the One Nation Queensland leader promised to abolish the Safe Schools program if elected.

“One Nation is about protecting the whole family unit,” he told reporters on Saturday.

“We are having little kids in grade four at school, young girls being taught by teachers how to masturbate, how to strap on dildos, how to do this sort of stuff,  that is the real problem in this country.”

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said these claims that teachers are showing children sex tricks in the classroom are “absolutely atrocious” and untrue.