One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s undergone ’emergency surgery’

Pauline Hanson’s been to hospital for emergency surgery, in the latest bout of rough weather for the Senator.

It’s believed she had to have her appendix removed, after feeling ‘extraordinarily unwell’ over the weekend.

It comes just days after a grilling Al Jazeera documentary slammed the One Nation Leader and her party for trying to get funding from the National Rifle Association in America.


Its been reported that Ms Hanson has also recently suffered a tick bite, which had her in medical care for a few days.

“Over the weekend I felt extraordinarily unwell. At first, I thought it was a case of food poisoning so I just took it easy,” the Facebook post reads.

“I woke yesterday morning to continued pains in my stomach and decided to see a GP.

“I was told I needed further scans and blood tests and was taken immediately to the hospital.

“Surgeons determined I needed an emergency operation to remove my appendix.

“Compared to the pain I was in before the surgery, today’s pain is a lot less and I plan on being back on my feet tomorrow.