One Nation wants DNA testing for Aboriginal ancestry

The New South Wales branch of One Nation is calling for a crack down on “rorting of indigenous welfare”.

If elected at the state ballot in two weeks, Candidate Mark Latham wants to introduce DNA testing of people who claim Aboriginal ancestry.

The former Labor leader took to Twitter on Monday to release the controversial policy, claiming it would stop “welfare rorters” and “self-identification”.


“DNA ancestry testing to crack down on rorting of Indigenous welfare by those without recognisable Aboriginal heritage,” Mr Latham wrote alongside a link to the outlined policy.

The policy will enforce DNA evidence of at least 25 per cent Indigenous – the equivalent of one fully Aboriginal grandparent.

“The rorters disrespect the true Indigenous and must be weeded out,” he said.

“Racial self-identification must end.”

Mr Latham spoke to the Today Show on Tuesday disputing that it is a Federal issue.