One new COVID-19 cases as Premier fronts Gold Coast tourism leaders

Queensland has recorded one new cases of coronavirus as the Premier prepares to face frustrated tourism operators on the Gold Coast.

A Cairns woman who had been a passenger on the Ruby Princess is the latest to test positive.

Officials are still determining exactly where she may have contracted the virus, but believe it was likely from the cruise ship.


It takes the State’s total to 1057 however, only 12 of those are currently active.

The Premier and Tourism Minister Kate Jones are on the Gold Coast today to meet with tourism bosses and operators, Mayor Tom Tate and a range of employers.

The pandemic has already cost the Gold Coast billions of dollars ,with tourism bosses warning a prolonged border closure will cripple the industry even more and make the recovery even more difficult.

“It’s really important that we’re here listening to the views of Gold Coast and I know that people want to get up and running as quickly as possible, but we need to do it in a safe and measured way,” Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

“It is absolutely vital that we do it in the safest way possible, making sure that we listen to the expert advice which is, of course, from Dr Young, but also listening to the views of people here on the Gold Coast.”

“I know how important tourism is, but tourism world-wide is struggling at the moment, it’s not just Queensland, it’s not just Australia, it’s world-wide and I want to see things opened as quickly as possible.

“But we must do it in the safest way to be and that is why we will continue to listen to the expert advice.”

The Premier insists today’s trip to the Gold Coast isn’t just a token visit, with growing calls for her to get out and about and see the damage being done to the Glitter Strip for herself.

“I love the Gold Coast, I love coming down here I mean look honestly we want the best for everyone, we’re meeting as many people as possible, we’re out and about talking to people and listening and that’s what Queenslanders expect us to do.”

Struggling tourism operators on the Gold Coast are pleading with the Premier to stick to the July border re-opening that was originally flagged in the Government’s recovery roadmap.

It comes after Annastacia Palaszczuk signalled that September would be a more likely scenario, which Destination Gold Coast warns would cost the local economy another $500 million.

“Let me say this very clearly, these are very hard decisions everyone, I mean I have sleepless nights, I understand people are hurting I understand people have lost their jobs I want to get people back into work as quickly as possible, but if I don’t do it safely it could cripple our industry for years to come and take us backwards.”

The Premier insists the border closure will be reviewed at the end of each month, but has ruled out any hopes that the State might be reopened earlier than July.

“It would be highly unlikely considering there are 362 active cases in New South Wales, so the Chief Health Officer will provide me with very clear advice but the last thing we want to see is everything we’ve done in Queensland put at risk because there is active transmission in New South Wales and Victoria.”

Ms Palaszczuk has again signalled that cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs will likely be allowed more than 20 customers flagged in State Two of the recovery from June 13.

The Premier confirmed on Monday that they will consider allowing up to 50 people if they have COVID-safe plans in place.

A decision will be made on Sunday.

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I hope she visits a border checkpoint and see’s how much resources are being wasted, not to mention the delays and inconvenience caused to the people traversing the checkpoints.

Why they got army soldiers at border checkpoint? Is bit over the top and excessive. Complete waste of time and resources. All they do is wave you through and look like they much rather be doing some real work than stand and sit around inconveniencing everyone.

So you would rather send them to war?

There supposed to serve and protect the country not lecture us just because we don’t have a piece of paper on our windscreen so normal everyday qlders can enter our own state.

Anna is out of her depth Remember Anna has never worked in private enterprise or run a business. Her only job ever has been for the ALP in private enterprise she would be the tea lady

Bozo the clown could run a business in Australia. They s*** so much welfare it’s not funny.
It’s time we blocked business welfare to any business where the CEO has not completed a basic tax/small business/management etc. course.
Filter out all the brainless destine for failure business operator’s.

The fact you mention a course, shows how delusional and f***ed up you really are!! It’s people like you that should be cut off! Cut off from oxygen, you are an oxygen thief

Is that so? Based on what?
Would love to talk further, send details and we’ll catch up in the morning?

It’s hard time for every one, but myself as a small business owner that is like everyone straggling to survive this covid-19 time, i am supporting Ms Palaszczuk on her decisions to keep border closed.
Goverment is doing so much financial help to businesses and individuals so any business and individuals that has done right thing with their tax affair should be able to survive this and be able to pay their bills.
Now it’s not the time to think about making money and profiting.
Think about how lucky we are comparing to other countries.
Health is more important then wealth!!!
You will make money if you stay healthy, but no money is going to make you happy if you are not healthy.

Estou de acordo

ALP is playing games here. Trying to keep the crisis going as long as possible to get close to the October elections. Thinking they are on a winner. The fact is they are playing with fire. And will loose every coastal seat in Queensland. Starting with Gold Coast. That will be the first to go

I have no idea why people think that opening the boarders are going to get thousands flocking across from Byron Bay. With no airline industry you are not getting people coming from Melbourne and most of them have no will to travel at the moment anyway. Rethink your business model and encourage Queenslanders to support Queenslanders. There are millions of people to entice here

It’s not all about having visitors from the South. It’s about people having the right to choose where they want to go. Utterly ridiculous we can only move 150klm from home, in a state our size! In regional areas people drive further than that for shopping!!

She’s gutless. The virus isnt going away. We need to learn to live with it. Keeping the borders closed is doing nothing but damage the economy. It takes courage from the State Premiers to move forward because of the potential risks. Some have it, others don’t.