One new local case infectious in Queensland for 10 days

Queensland has recorded one new local case of coronavirus overnight, in a person who’s visited a number of locations while infectious.

A woman in her 50s has tested positive in the last 24 hour period but was found to be in the community for ten days before getting tested.

Authorities say that the infectious isn’t linked to any of the existing clusters around the southeast, and are now working to find out where she may have acquired it.


It’s lead to a spate of new exposure sites around Brisbane, which were published overnight.

It includes venues in areas like Redcliffe, Slacks Creek and Boondall. A Westfield shopping centre in Chermside is also on the list.

Health authorities say that it is fortunate the woman is fully vaccinated, and they haven’t recommended a lockdown once again.

Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young says the testing rate lately has comforted her decision.

“The only thing that’s reassuring me is the amount of testing that we’ve done.

“So this has happened at the same time that we’ve had those restrictions in place and that enhanced testing.

“So I’d like to see more testing just to make sure that we haven’t missed anything, but she’s been out and about and we haven’t seen any cases.

“She also is double vaccinated, so she’s fully vaccinated – her second dose was back in August, and her household members are all negative.

“So there are three other people in that household and none of those has tested positive. So I am reasonably reassured by all of that,” Doctor Young said this morning.

For a full list of exposure sites, which is expected to be updated throughout today, click here.