One new local COVID case in Qld, Victoria declared a hotspot

QUEENSLAND has recorded just one new local case of COVID-19 as the state prepares to shut itself off from Victoria.

“This is exactly the type of news we wanted to hear today,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

“In terms of the situation in Queensland, we are very happy with these results today – very, very happy, very encouraging.”


The latest case is the mother of the 12-year-old boy who tested positive yesterday. The boy’s father also tested positive yesterday.

Genome sequencing has confirmed the family has the Delta strain of the virus, likely acquired during their stay in hotel quarantine in Sydney after returning from a trip to the US.

Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeanette Young said investigations into how he caught the virus is ongoing.

“The people in Sydney, the health staff there will be working through how he acquired the infection while he was in hotel quarantine down there,” Dr Young said.

“He has come up here and he had very little exposure out in the community so we are just tracking through any contacts he had while he was in the community.

“His father had minimal exposure in the community and his mother virtually none because she went into hospital with her son when he was admitted. That’s all good.

“In total, there are 62 contacts that we have found so far and we are just working with all of those.”

Health officials are also working to find all of the possible close contacts linked with the third case announced yesterday, a woman who works as a supervisor at one of the boarding gates at Brisbane International Airport.

“We have already gone through CCTV footage and found 23 close contacts, 22 casual contacts and we expect there will be others,” Dr Young said.

“Those people have been very prompt in getting back to us. We texted messaged all those people and we will follow them all up today and make sure we get all their test results and that they are in quarantine.”

It was also confirmed the entire state of Victoria will be declared a hotspot from 1am Saturday, July 17, as the state endures its fifth lockdown since the pandemic began.

Victoria recorded six new local COVID-19 cases on Friday, linked to the two clusters which stem from the Sydney outbreak.

The stay-at-home restrictions in Victoria will last for the next five days but may be lifted earlier for regional parts of the state if things start to improve.

“The clear message to Queenslanders is definitely do not go to New South Wales and do not go to Victoria during this period of time,” the Premier reiterated.

Regional NSW remains open to Queensland still despite the escalating COVID crisis in Greater Sydney.

“We meet every morning with Dr Young, she looks at all of the sewerage testing in NSW and it has not gone beyond that Greater Sydney area and the areas that they have already declared as hotspots,” the Premier said.

“We are monitoring it very, very closely. I can absolutely assure Queenslanders that.”