One new Qld case as authorities watch new Omicron variant

There’s been one new community case of Covid-19 picked up in Queensland overnight, but there’s no threat to the community.

The case is linked to the unvaccinated Victorians who arrived in Queensland earlier this week and are quarantined in a hotel.

It comes as authorities keep a close eye on a new and dangerous variant in South Africa, which has been named Omicron.


Australian Federal authorities are meeting this morning to determine whether any travel restrictions or quarantine requirements need to be put in place for international travellers.

There are concerns the variant could be more infectious than Delta, and that it’s more resistant to vaccines.

Queensland’s Acting Chief Health Officer Peter Aitken says it’s still too early to know just how bad the variant might be, but it’s not directly affecting Queensland yet.

“There’s no evidence that that strain is in Queensland at the moment.

“We do genomic testing on all samples that come through and all tests – we get a result back in 24 hours.

“And there is no evidence of that strain being present in Queensland currently,” Doctor Aitken said.

Doctor Aitken admits there are many differences between our health situation in Australia compared to South Africa, most notably; the vaccine rate.

“If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, please come forward, get vaccinated, it’s never too late,” Dr Aitken said.

“And we say that from the situation in South Africa, South Africa also has a different vaccination rate, they’re running at 24-25 per cent double vaccination.

“Queensland is higher than that, and we can go higher still, so please get vaccinated.”

Federal health authorities are due to give an update later today.

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