One of our fave Bachelor in Paradise couples are back together!

The last remaining couple from Bachelor in Paradise Australia have confirmed they’re back together and more in-love than ever.

Meghan Marx shared the happy news with fans on social media, revealing she had reconciled with her “sexy hunk of a man”, Gold Coaster Jake Ellis.

In the post, Marx admitted that she ran away from the relationship, but came home to “a pile of love letters” from her beau which made her realise just how lucky she was.


“I have a pile of love letters in the drawer next to my bed. They’re all from Jake and most of them I didn’t deserve,” Marx wrote.

I spent the course of our relationship with one foot in and one foot out, and the letters are pleas to remind me what we had, what I’d be giving up if I ran. I did run though, eventually.

“I went to Bali and intrastate and dated bitter frustration and remorse.

“I came home nearly two months later to my apartment filled with roses, fairylights, a home-cooked meal, a playlist of all my favourite music and, a love letter.

“I’m not saying that I didn’t have some reasons to run, because relationships aren’t perfect, but I am saying that I found someone that took responsibility, fought relentlessly for me, and has taken time to know me, and love me.

“I said in Paradise that I couldn’t imagine my life without you and that hasn’t changed. You’re my best friend and my home.

“I love you. Onwards and upwards, you sexy hunk of a man.”

The pair, who live on the Gold Coast, are the only couple from the first season of Bachelor in Paradise to remain together.