One Shot to make film history on the Gold Coast

THE GOLD Coast is about to get one shot at making film history with an ambitious new project to be filmed here on Wednesday.

Project: One Shot is the brainchild of prominent local filmmaker Darwin Brooks, who will shoot an innovative 20-minute short film in one single take at Sanctuary Cove.

The film is headlined by actors Ian Stenlake (Sea Patrol, Stingers, Getaway), John Batchelor (Sea Patrol, Home and Away, Underbelly, All Saints, Stingers) and Joss McWilliam (Water Rats, Home and Away, The Flying Doctors, Blue Heelers, H2O), along with local celebrities Liz Cantor and Jay Pask.


“The response to Project: One Shot has been overwhelming,” Mr Brooks said.

“The planning and manpower required to achieve this feat has been both physically and logistically demanding but I’m so excited to see it all come together.

“The cast and crew have been rehearsing like crazy to be ready to perform it seamlessly on the day of shooting. We’ve only got one shot at this so hopefully it all goes to plan.”

The film is funded, written, produced and filmed by local talent including 15 writers, 150 actors and 50 sound technicians, make-up artists, assistant directors, traffic control officers, stunt co-ordinators, cinematographers, DOPs, and costume and set designers.

“The array of talent that has approached me wanting to be part of this film has blown me away,” Mr Brooks said.

“It’s a testament to the passion and enthusiasm inherent within the Queensland film community and it makes me so proud to be a part of it.

Darwin Brooks has drawn international acclaim on such productions as 47 Ronin, The Great Gatsby, Australia, Peter Pan, Border Patrol. The Starter Wife and Sea Patrol..

“I’ll never forget the time I was given my first big break—that “one shot” that launched my career from wannabe to established professional,” Mr Brooks said.

Project: One Shot is about giving back. Now it’s my turn to provide the same opportunity for others.”

For more information on Project: One Shot, click here.