Online buying hits its peak tonight, two weeks out from Christmas

Today’s tipped to be the busiest online shopping day of the year, as people spend up, to make sure their gifts are delivered in time for Christmas.

Ebay’s Gavin Dennis says there will be a 15-minute window which will be extremely busy for those shopping on their mobile phones.

“There really won’t be any downtime for online retailers today,” he said.


“Between 9 pm and 9:15 pm is when we expect to see eight gifts purchased per second through mobile devices.”

The Australian Retailers Association, however, is still warning shoppers to check delivery times before they click the buy button.

Mr Dennis said you should skip last minute deals to ensure your presents arrive on time.

“We know shoppers are taking advantage of last-minute Christmas shopping and Australians are becoming more and more reliant on mobile shopping,” he said.