Online creep quiz to tackle cyber bullying

QUEENSLAND school students will learn skills to stay safe online with the launch of a new cyber-safety website which uses a quiz to highlight potential dangers.

Minister for Education John-Paul Langbroek said the new website will use characters including Bully Girl and Shifty Shane to help educate students of the dangers of cyber bullying.

“The internet is an excellent resource, offering a world of information at our finger tips, but unfortunately it also has its dangers,” Mr Langbroek said.


“That’s why the Queensland Government has partnered with Telstra to develop a project that incorporates an online quiz designed to show students how to have fun online while keeping safe.

Mr Langbroek said the Meet the Creeps quiz was specifically geared to students aged from 11 to 13 and teaches them to be able to recognise potential dangers.

“There are six characters in the interactive quiz, with each one representing potential pitfalls for children who might inadvertently put themselves at risk when using online technology,” he said.

The quiz tackles a range of issues, including how to deal with personal information, cyberbullying, online scams and the permanence and wide-spread accessibility of information once it was online.

“It allows children to choose from alternative answers to a range of situations and then explains why they’ve selected the correct or an unsuitable response,” Mr Langbroek said.

“Importantly, this site also provides parents with the opportunity to have discussions with their children about online activities and keeping safe when using social media.”

Check out the Meet the Creeps quiz at