Online scammers set a ‘disturbing’ new trend

We’re being urged to be aware of fake buyers, in the midst of a disturbing trend of online rip-offs across the state.

It seems scammers are now doing a good job of faking bank transfers by sending through screenshots of legitimate-looking e-receipts as a proof of purchase, to get the seller to hand over the goods.

Queensland Police have released tips on how to spot an online scammer, and remind sellers to do a few checks before going through with the transfer.


1. Scammers will contact you via email or text, they will normally avoid speaking on the phone.
2. Scammers will have a “story” of why they can’t meet you face to face, ie they’re working overseas so they need you to post the item and they’ll send someone to collect it.
3. Scammers will arrange to direct deposit into your account and will send you a screenshot of the transfer and a copy of their ID as proof you can trust them

Police have also released a screenshot of a bank transfer that looks legit, though actually isn’t.

PHOTO | Supplied by Queensland Police

“The scammer will use any means possible to try fool you, including using the names and logos of well known and trusted companies, banks and organisations to prey on your goodwill.

“Don’t be fooled – the screenshot is fake, and the ID is stolen, so beware and be in control. Don’t hand over the goods until you confirm directly with your bank the money is sitting in your bank account,” a police spokesperson said.