OP rankings to be trashed

THE Overall Position (OP) score for Queensland year 12 student graduates could soon be thrown out the window.

For many school leavers, this score causes either heart ache and disappointment or excitement and pleasure with it determining entry level into University studies.

However, this could soon be a method of the past with Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek announcing a review of the current senior assessment system.


Mr Langbroek said, ‘the current grading system had become irrelevant because of the vast number of ways in which students can now be accepted into universities.’

The current OP system is a method in which students are ranked on their school grades as well as their own and other students efforts in the Queensland Core Skills test.

An alternative method is being suggested, with students to be ranked based on three internal pieces of assessment and one external assessment instead of a one number score which is affected by other students results.