Opposition slams State Government for slashing GC police funds

Reports that funding for Gold Coast police is being slashed and redirected to Logan should “send a shiver down the spine of every Gold Coast resident,” according to an Opposition MP.

Member for Broadwater David Crisafulli told MyGC he’s shocked and concerned that police could be left under-resourced.

“Law and order keep coming up as a number one issue for people on the Coast, people want their lifestyle protected,” he said.


“To have a government that is willing to syphon off resources to Logan shows they just don’t get the Gold Coast.”

Newscorp reports the budget will be slashed with some senior police asked to prepare a draft budget for 2018-19.

They would reportedly affect officers working penalty rates, those in dog squads and water police working on the weekend.

Mr Crisafulli said he understands the budget has been changed to shore up more desk jobs in Brisbane, as well as assisting forces in Logan.

The only State MP on the Coast, Meaghan Scanlon, told MyGC her government is trying to recover from the cuts made under the LNP government.

“In relation to frontline services, let’s be clear it’s the LNP who cut numerous jobs when they were last in power,” she said.