Optus, Telstra attract most complaints to Telco ombudsman in 2017-18

The national Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) has revealed they received the most complaints about Optus and Telstra in the last financial year.

A report released by the TIO shows they received a total 167,831 complaints during the last financial year, with 40,665 of those about the Optus Group and 82,528 complaints about Telstra.

Optus had a 35 percent increase in complaints compared with the previous year, while Telstra had a 7.7 percent increase.


Ombudsman Judi Jones told the ABC she couldn’t find a standout issue that drove the rise in complaints about Optus.

“There’s nothing that shouts out to us from our data,” she said.

In regards to Telstra’s figures, Ms Jones told news.com.au they attracted the largest proportion of complaints due to the fact “they’re a much larger provider than other telcos”.

According to the report, the majority of complaints made to the TIO were about mobile phone services, with 51,328 complaints in the last financial year.

The TIO also received 46,703 complaints about internet services, 18,736 complaints about landline phone services and 1,189 complaints about property.