Orange seagull becomes viral sensation after falling into pot of Indian curry

It seems a hungry seagull got a little more than he first bargained for when taste testing a pot of chicken tikka masala.

The bird was dyed bright orange after accidentally diving into the pot of curry at a food factory in Wales.

Volunteers at Vale Wildlife Hospital shared images of the hilarious mishap on Facebook.


“Anyone fancy a curry? This poor chap did! :O Sadly he was enjoying it so much he fell in! I don’t think any of us have experienced such an orange greasy gull to deal with before… but boy did he smell good! the Facebook post reads.

“We’ve cleaned him up and he is doing well, with no upset tummy! Hopefully he’ll stick to a much more bland diet in the future!! Need to think of a good curry related name for him now – how about ‘Korma the gull’!?”

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