Organ donation just got a whole lot easier for Queenslanders

Queenslanders are more willing than most to become organ and tissue donors, but they are lagging behind the rest of Australia in registering their decision, according to DonateLife Queensland.

It is a gap DonateLife Queensland is tackling by promoting instant access to online registration, which went live in time for this year’s DonateLife Week campaign.

Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Cameron Dick encouraged Queenslanders to get behind the campaign to register more donors.


“Registering is vital because we know that when a loved one is registered, nine out of ten families proceed with donation,” Mr Dick said.

“We all live busy lifestyles and this new online registration tool will make it easier for Queenslanders to make their feelings about donating known on the Australian Organ Donor Register.”

According to research conducted by DonateLife, 74 per cent of Queenslanders are willing to save lives by donating their organs and tissues, compared with the national average of 67 per cent.

DonateLife Queensland State Manager Tina Coco AO said while the good intentions are there, just over a million Queenslanders (27 per cent) are currently registered, trailing both the national average (33 per cent) and New South Wales (40 per cent).

“Life is busy and people find it hard to make time to register and discuss their wishes with family. If there’s no sense of urgency, it just falls off their radar,” Ms Coco said.

“That’s why we are so excited that this year’s campaign removes one of the most significant barriers to registering for the first time. Now you can sign up instantly on your mobile phone, tablet or computer in less than two minutes at”