Origin must die for NRL to survive

On the surface it looks like the glorious flagship of Rugby League but in reality State of Origin is more like a cancer eating at the foundations of the NRL.

And it needs to be cut out or the patient just wont survive.

In no other professional sport are fans, clubs and players asked to endure such a farcical circus as Origin delivers each and every year right in the middle of a season.


The most recent public victim was the Canterbury Bulldogs who found out they were without gun centre Josh Morris just hours before their game last sundau as he has been called into the Origin camp.

They had to get a kid to drive down to canberra to play. On debut. Just hours before the game.

Greg Bird

PHOTO: Michelle Price / myGC

Ask Titans fans about Origin and the amount of weeks the likes of Bird, Myles and many before them have been unavailable for their club both on Origin duty or recovering from injuries suffered during Origin.

Ask the Storm, Broncos or Cowboys how destabilising Origin is to a premiership campaign and how unfair it is for certain clubs to have to be without up to 5 superstar players for 3-6 weeks of the season.

Ask the club officials how crazy it is to have around 70 current of former origin players floating around the NRL demanding more money for contracts just because they play or played a rep game, or how absurd it is to demand more money to play less games and risk injury playing for another team than the one your signing with.

Ask australian selectors who know they are picking players who hope they play well in the green and gold so they can put their hand up for Origin.

Ask the diehard fans how conflicting and frustrating it is to be completely absorbed in an NRL season proper and your teams fortunes within that only to hit June and suddenly have to watch this circus of a two horse race all the while praying your beloved club players don’t get hurt while moonlighting (and seemingly playing better footy) for another team.

Tonight either Queensland or New South Wales will win and the six-week circus will roll on with myriad stories about how interested we should all be in this stupid concept.

But that wont be the real story.

The real story will be the players whose season ends in injury – along with their club teams’ fortunes.

And we all just accept that this is part of it as rival codes laugh at the unfortunate mess Rugby League finds itself in.

The NRL needs Origin because it alone (with the exception of the GF) smashes anything the afl can throw at it in terms of TV ratings.

They need it to feel important, for their self confidence and for that all-important bottom line.

Like a smoker hooked on tobacco the NRL knows this beast it has created will eventually be the cause of its death.

After 30 years its time to quit and start to repair the damage done before its too late.

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