Orlando Bloom deported from India

He may have been invited to India by the government to promote tourism, but Orlando Bloom’s visit to the country went awry at the weekend.

The British actor was denied entry at the airport on Saturday, and was forced to get on a flight back to London just three hours after touching down.

Bloom’s e-visa had not been cleared, despite the Pirates of the Caribbean star applying for the visa in November. Officials refused to provide Bloom with a 72-hour temporary landing permit that would have allowed him undergo a PR tour of the Taj Mahal in Agra.


“The immigration officials were insensitive and stubborn, and though Bloom was feeling uneasy and needed a doctor he wasn’t even allowed to sit,” said Politician Amar Singh, who had been waiting at the airport for the actor. “They kept saying, ‘Bloom is an actor, so he is doing drama.’”

After flying back to the UK, Bloom was issued with a visa and then boarded another plane back to India. Fortunately everything went well the second time around and the actor arrived in Delhi on Sunday.

Bloom went to Agra with Singh on Sunday for a whirlwind, 45-minute tour of the Taj Mahal.