Flan: Ouch and thanks all at the same time…

I just wanted to drop a quick note to somebody on the Gold Coast who’ll remain nameless after she tried to pay me a compliment, but in so doing managed to sledge me beautifully.

For the purpose of the story you need to know that I’ve lost about 20 kilos in the past six months and I look reasonably different these days.

That was then, and this is now!

That was then, and this is now!


A week or so ago I was hosting the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Fundraising Gala at the Sanctuary which I’m delighted to say I have done for quite a few years now.

During one of my breaks a truly elegant woman approached me and said incredibly politely “That was very funny, young man. You are so much better than the bloke who hosted this event last year.”

Ouch and thanks all at the same time.

Attending the launch of Blues on Broadbeach was a joy this week.

I’ve always thought that women kept telling men to express their feelings and that’s why the blues and bourbon were invented.

I’m busting to see Diesel in style at Jupiter’s Casino this Friday, he’s a true guitar genius.


PHOTO: Supplied by Jupiters Gold Coast

Eric Burden and the animals are lending their considerable talents to a festival that will now attract international attention thanks to their presence.

I want to say on behalf of Gold Coasters, welcome to town Eric, to you and all your animals. Don’t listen to Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce when he threatens to put your backing band down.

To Eric and the band, I hope you love your time at Blues on Broadbeach and I want you to know that I too wish to live long enough to be a Burden to my family as well.

PHOTO: Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival, Gold Coast

PHOTO: Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival, Gold Coast

I’d also like to send a giant thank you to the Gold Coast University Hospital for asking me to MC a truly special day called The Improvers, where various hospital departments compete for extra funding to kick off innovative hospital programmes.

It’s an amazing day, full of inspired and inspiring people who want to improve the standard of care we receive on the Goldie but mostly for the fantastic level of care you gave my wife, Lisa, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  You’re a special bunch of buggers. Good onya!

Many Thanks, Flan.

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Hi Flan

Never new about the weight loss, have to say, how s**y looking you are now. Well done on such a great achievement

Keep up the good work, I dropped 50kg since the start of last year. Shut just keeps getting better.

Good on you Flan.
I think your an amazing man with the best personality and very caring ! See ya at gumnut bakery soon 🙂

Lost weight and got funnier, it’s a win all round I reckon!

Hi Flan you look amasing how did you do it can you tell please.