Out of control car smashes through hospital lobby

AN out-of-control car has smashed through the glass entrance of the Gold Coast University Hospital, injuring a total of eight people.

Early information indicated that a man in his 60s lost control of his blue Pulsar after experiencing a medical condition around 11.25am.

Witnesses say the man crashed over a metal barrier outside the hospital at high speed before ploughing through the main entrance and coming to a rest near the front reception desk.


Jameson Honeywood1

The glass window the 68-year-old male driver ploughed through. IMAGE: Supplied

“Eight people were injured when an out-of-control vehicle travelled through the main foyer of the hospital,” Gold Coast Health said in an updated statement released on Monday afternoon.

A group of elderly women were struck by the car, including a 63-year-old woman who received a fractured pelvis.

Three other women aged in their 70s and 80s also received minor injuries and lacerations.

Gold Coast University Hospital staff have been praised for their professional response the incident.


Blue Pulsar comes to a rest inside the Gold Coast Uni Hospital’s reception area, injuring six. IMAGE: Twitter

Gold Coast Health Executive Director Operations Jane Hancock said three of the injured people, including the driver, had been admitted to the hospital and would require further treatment.

“Another three have been discharged and the remaining people are being assessed,” she said.

“This has been an incredibly unfortunate incident but I am immensely proud of how our staff responded to the crisis. We have emergency response plans in place to deal with such incidents and it was a tremendous effort by all involved.”


Several people have been injured after the dark blue car ploughed through the foyer. IMAGE: Twitter

There are counselling services available to any staff or patients affected by the incident by calling the Mental Health Crisis Support Line on 1300 642 255.

Engineers have confirmed the hospital is structurally sound after assessing the damage.

The hospital is continuing to operate as usual, however the public is urged to limit their visits to the facility while investigations continue.