Outrage after vandals hack down 30-year-old Pandanus tree

Gold Coast ratepayers will have to foot a major bill after vandals hacked down a stunning 30-year-old Pandanus tree along the north Burleigh foreshore.

The large tree is believed to have been destroyed in the early hours of this morning, shocking local council officers who were alerted to the carnage.

“Words cant explain how I feel,” local Councillor Pauline Young said.


“This is absolutely disgusting and comes on the back of newly planted trees being snapped off and poisoned just 1km north of this site”.

Cr Young has described the culprit as having “no moral compass” and has vowed to track down those responsible.

“Whoever is doing this has no moral compass and does not care about our city,” she said.

“These acts are criminal and I will continue to work with the police to try to see the offenders prosecuted.”

PHOTO: Supplied

It’s understood council is now considering placing covert CCTV cameras at various locations in a bid to deter incidents like this from occurring.

“Councils safety camera team is providing advice on this… However we would all rather be focused on proactive issues in our division,” Cr Young said.

A replacement pandanus tree will be planted in the same spot in the coming weeks, at a cost of around $10,000.

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they must have been some well organized vandals walking around with a saw handy, I’d starting looking at those who gain a view advantage of the beach now this tree is gone, just like the trees that have been vandalized at the north end of Thorn Park in recent weeks

I think you’re about 100% right

Prime suspects would be a resident of 270 The Esplanade, the only place slightly hindered by that tree

Absolutely disgusting action. I really the vandal/s are caught, fined heavily and given jail time.

Wow… the rate payers have to deal with this issue? Where’s all the rates money gone that contributed every 6 months from millions of properties on the GC? These office seat warmers should be sacked to save millions of $$$$. All they do just checking their daily tinder status..