Outrage over photo of dog locked in small crate on the back of scooter

A photo of dog locked in small crate on the back of scooter has gone viral, sparking anger online.

Troy Gough was visiting a Bunnings store in Adelaide when he discovered the dog trapped in the crate.

Mr Gough told Nine News that he was so shocked to see the animal locked up outside in the heat with no water, that he decided to take a photo and share it online.


“The owner definitely needs to maybe get locked in a little box by himself out in the heat and see how he likes it,” he said.

The incident has since been reported to RSPCA who have vowed to act if they find the owner. “If we were able to identify that person we’d give them a good talking to because you’re essentially putting that dog at risk,” RSPCA SA CEO Tim Vasudeva said.

The Facebook post has been shared more than 500 times.


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For goodness sake the dog is on a cushion obviously very loved by its owner have people nothing better to pick at……the dog is with itz owner not left locked up in a hot car.

How irresponsible of the person taking the photo!!!

Why on earth did this person not set the dog free..

Shame on you !