Over 2 billion to be spent boxing day

OVER two billion dollars is expected to go through retail tills on boxing day this year.

Apparently not everyone is going to have a rowdy Christmas with predictions that thousands of shoppers are going to pass through shopping centre doors on December 26 in an attempt to score a bargain.

The Australian Retailers Association has released its projected figure for retail sales on Boxing Day, with a whopping $2.072 billion expected to be spent on boxing day alone – a year on year increase of $72 million.


ARA Executive Director Russell Zimmerman said if Boxing Day 2013 was anything to go by, retailers are in for another successful day of sales this Friday.

“Boxing Day 2013 saw unprecedented crowds, with many stores forced to restrict entrance due to the sheer number of people already in store. Many shoppers spent hours waiting in lines – lining up to get into the store as well as lining up to make their purchases.

“While retail staff do a fantastic job of preparing for their Boxing Day sales, the ARA does encourage shoppers to remain patient and understanding if they plan to hit the shops this Friday.

“Overall, the fact that Boxing Day sales are set to increase by $72 million this year is a fantastic sign for the retail industry.” Mr Zimmerman said.

Interesting Figures:

  • PRE-XMAS: Shoppers expected to spend $45 billion from 15 November – 24 December ($2,370 per person and year on year increase of 4.3%)
  • POST-XMAS: Shoppers expected to spend $16.1 billion from 26 December -15 January ($850 per person and year on year increase of 3.6%)
  • BOXING DAY: Shoppers expected to spend $2.072 billion on Boxing Day (an increase of $72 million year on year)