Overcast and drizzly Sunday afternoon

LIGHT showers have delivered no more than 1mm to the Gold Coast this afternoon while heavy rainfall and thunderstorms caused chaos further inland around the Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley region.

The CareFlight Rescue helicopter were dispatched to rescue four people, two men and two kids, from the roof of their vehicle which was swept from a flooded causeway on the Oakey-Pittsworth Road at Mount Tyson around midday.

Oakey recorded 45mm from the intense slow moving cell, while Toowoomba was drenched with 60mm in a short space of time.


Although the rain band was headed towards the east, it was not forecast to cause any major concern on the Gold Coast.

The bulk of the heavy rain dissipated into light showers as it approached the coast, with the Weather Bureau advising there was a 90 per cent chance of only 3mm to 10mm falling across the city.

The coast struggled to reach its initial predicted top of 29°C, sitting at just 24°C around 2pm. Maximum temperatures have since been revised to 26°C.