Overreaction to kids’ snacks hits peak level

Another day, another headline about another mum who has been shamed online over her pantry’s unhealthy kids snacks…

Ignoring the fact that it’s never the dad who cops the blame in these scenarios (are both parents not responsible for their kids’ food intake?!), this story in particular has irked me.

Firstly, in my opinion, her pantry is not really that bad – it shows corn chips, crackers, tiny teddies, fruit cups and popcorn. All things that exist in my family’s pantry, just probably in lower volumes than in hers. They’re not exactly healthy, which is why we refer to them in our house as treat foods, but it’s not like her pantry was stocked to the brim with Twisties, chocolate muesli bars and cupcakes.


But secondly, and more importantly, she shared the pic on Facebook for advice on how to store the snacks in such a way that her three-year-old could help himself.

What she got instead was unlimited unwanted advice about how crap her food choices are for her child.

Including this absolute doozy of a comment: “He’s three for God’s sake. If she’s too busy to feed a 3-year-old a banana instead of letting him help himself to a pack of chips, then maybe she shouldn’t have a 3-year-old.”

Really? REALLY?!

Who thinks this is an appropriate comment to write to a mother on the internet?! How does it possibly advance the discussion or move the conversation forward?

As the mum in question, Carlie, later shared with News.com.au, “It was a snap shot into my son’s and the rest of my household’s snacks. They didn’t see inside my fridge, my fruit bowl and freezer.”

Who is to say this mum isn’t preparing veggie-stuffed spaghetti bolognaise for dinner and colourful fruit salads for breakfast?

But even if she doesn’t… Is it ever really okay to suggest that someone doesn’t deserve to be a mum due to their low-nutrition snack choices?!

I think not.

It annoys the bejesus out of me, because it’s ridiculous reactions like these that can seriously undermine the confidence of new mums.

To anyone out there who feeds their kids tiny teddies and corn chips – I’m with you sista.

And I might even pinch a sneaky packet for myself, too.