Overweight people could have to pay more for health insurance

SMOKERS and overweight Australians could pay more for their health cover if the Federal Government adopts a Commission of Audit proposal.

The changes would allow health fund to charge some customers higher premiums because of their ‘lifestyle choices’, The Age reports.

Under the current system, private health insurers are unable to charge older or unhealthier people more for cover.


The Commission of Audit’s report released on Thursday recommended health funds be allowed to vary premiums “for a limited number of lifestyle factors, including smoking, which materially increase a person’s health risk”.

“The community rating of health insurance products means unhealthy lifestyle choices made by some force up premiums for all,” the report read.

Health Minister Peter Dutton has refused to comment on any of the commission’s recommendations and whether or not the government is planning to adopt them.

Original article by Dan Harrison, To read the article in full head to The Age.