P-Plate crackdown in NSW aims to save lives

P-plate drivers in NSW will soon be banned from using mobile phones under a new government crackdown designed to save young lives.

Under the changes announced on Sunday, drivers caught speeding will also have to wait longer to get their full licences and the Driver Qualification Test, which is a current requirement for P2 licence-holders to graduate to a full licence, has now been scrapped.

The Hazard Perception Test that P1 drivers must pass under the current scheme to progress to a P2 licence will be brought forward.


Drivers will now be required to pass that test before they can be awarded their P-plates and begin driving solo.

P-platers will also be held back from progressing to an unrestricted licence by six months every time they receive a licence suspension for risky driving.

Most of the measures are set to come into place in November 2017, but the crackdown on mobile phone use will begin this year.

Currently, P2 licence-holders may use mobile phones for calls and audio only, provided the phone is securely mounted or an automated audio device is used.

But from December, P-platers will no longer be permitted to use a mobile phone at all while driving or riding.

The NSW Government were forced to act after a drastic rise in the number of young people dying on NSW roads.

21 young people have died in crashes involving P-plate drivers already this year.

Twice the amount of P-plate drivers die on Australian roads each year, compared to open licence drivers, and P-platers comprise 10 percent of the driving population.