‘Extremely irresponsible’ P-platers clocked at dangerous speeds in NSW

Two teenagers have had their licenses suspended after they were allegedly caught driving at dangerous speeds in separate incidents in Sydney this week.

A 19-year-old man was allegedly caught hooning in Horsley Park at around 7am on Tuesday.

Police allege he was doing 115km/h in a 60 zone along Chandos Road.


The P-plater was issued $2,306 fine for speeding and had his license suspended for six months.

Then, at around 9.40am on Wednesday, another 19-year-old man was allegedly clocked travelling at 141km/h through an 80 zone on Alfords Point Road in Padstow.

Again, the P-plate driver was fined $2,306 and he too had his license suspended for six months.

Assistant Commissioner John Hartley from the state’s Traffic and Highway Patrol Command says these latest examples of speeding are the exact thing that police are trying to stamp out.

“For two teenagers to be travelling at such excessive speed is extremely irresponsible, and this risk-taking could have claimed the lives of other innocent road users,” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

“Both incidents tell us that not everyone is heeding our call to slow down and be careful on the roads.”

“These two young men could have had so much more to regret beside a fine and suspension had we not intervened.

“Driving is a privilege, not a right and we ask all drivers, young and old, to slow down and look out for each other.”