Paint your fingernail this October to highlight violence against children

GOLD COAST residents are being encouraged to pain one fingernail blue throughout the month of October to highlight the issue of violence against children.

The Polished Man campaign symbolises the one child who dies across the globe every five minutes as a result of violence.

Co-founder of the campaign, Kylie Wallace, said they’re also aiming to raise $1.7 million for trauma recovery and prevention programs.


“Child abuse is an epidemic in Australia, 1 in 32 children receive child protection services last year, 73% of those were repeat cases.

“We can’t ignore the statistic that 95 percent of all victims of violence report that their perpetrator was male.” Ms Wallace said.

You get a free starter kit when you donate $50 or more at Polished Man, plus Grill’d Burgers is giving everyone who fundraisers or donates just $20 up to 8 free burgers over the month of October.

The funds go towards Ygap, the Australian Childhood Foundation, Samsn and the New York Centre for Children.

Ambassador for the campaign, Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Klim, said they’re encouraging people in finger painting, rather than finger pointing.

“I’m encouraging local residents to get behind this campaign because the money raised goes towards trauma prevention to eradicate this issue and help children who do experience this sort of violence.

“It’s such a small thing to do but it does engage people in conversation about this cause and that’s something positive.” Mr Klim said.