Palaszczuk’s ‘shambolic’ decision to let NRL families into QLD

The state opposition has launched a stinging attack on the Premier over her ‘shambolic’ decision to allow NRL officials and players’ families into Queensland from Sydney.

The government last week put a two-week pause on the state’s hotel quarantine system, even blocking Queensland residents from returning home.

Around 100 people in the rugby league entourage arrived in Brisbane on a charter flight on Monday and will quarantine in hotels for a fortnight ahead of the NRL finals.


It comes as members of the Australian and Indian women’s cricket teams were also allowed into the state to do quarantine ahead of their upcoming series in Queensland.

Opposition Leader David Crisafulli accused the Premier of a ‘lack of leadership’ over the hotel quarantine announcement and for opening the gates to the NRL.

“It culminated in the last 24 hours with the shambolic decisions when it comes to sporting families and how that contrasts with Queenslanders,” Mr Crisafulli told State Parliament.

“People love their footy. They love the NRL. They want to see life get back to normal.

“But if there’s room for sporting families there’s room for Queensland families. End of story.”

Opposition Leader David Crisafulli

Mr Crisafulli accused the Premier of turning the lives of honest Queenslanders “upside-down” with her “stage-managed” announcement last week about the hotel quarantine pause.

He’s demanding to know when the decision was really made and why people were only given two hours notice.

Annastacia Palaszczuk continued to defend the hotel quarantine pause but failed to answer numerous opposition questions about why the NRL entourage was given an exemption.

“We want people to come home when it is safe to do so and the mandatory quarantine is what is needed to keep people safe,” Ms Palaszczuk told State Parliament.

“This is a pause for two weeks to enable our hotels to be able to cope. We were at the stage where there was over 5000 people in our hotel quarantine. There was one week where we had over 1900 people who rocked up to Queensland.”