Palmer blames Abbott’s ‘cruel and heartless’ budget for House of Reps nap

IT SEEMS being the father of a newborn and Federal Parliament question time make the perfect recipe for an afternoon nap.

Gold Coast businessman MP Clive Palmer, who has a five-month old daughter at home, has been busted dozing off in the House of Representatives during post-budget question time.

The Brisbane Times reports, the Member for Fairfax chose to rest his eyelids as Labor hammered away at Treasurer Joe Hockey and Prime Minister Tony Abbott over their ‘budget of broken promises’.


He was eventually brought back to consciousness by fellow Queenslander Mal Brough who delivered a wake up glass of water.

In a tweet, Mr Palmer wrote: “Tony Abbott sent me to sleep during question time avoiding questions about his cruel & heartless budget.”

Mr Palmer later told journalists that he had started giving interviews on the budget from 2am that day.

“I went a bit sleepy. I’ve had about 38 interviews today, roughly,” he said.

Speaking on ABC’s AM program earlier on Wednesday, Mr Palmer described the budget as being based on a series of lies.

“First of all it’s based on the fact that they say our debt is out of control. If you get the OECD figures you see Australia has got 12 per cent of its GDP in debt. The average for the OECD of all our advanced economies is 73 per cent.

In response to the formal announcement of the debt tax, he said his party would definitely oppose it “because there’s no reason for it”.