Palmer denies Hart offered inducement

CONTROVERSIAL MP Clive Palmer continues to deny his party has done any wrong amid claims a Gold Coast member was offered an inducement.

Burleigh MP Michael Hart has tabled a transcript of a conversation he had with Palmer United Party representative Jim McNally on April 9.

According to the Brisbane Times, in the transcript, Mr McNally is recorded as saying he “won’t beat around the bush” and gets straight to the point, that PUP needs just one more MP to become the state opposition.


“I don’t want to insult you in anyway, but I just thought I could give you a call, um, because we have been given the names of 12 people that the party is not going to endorse for the next state election and I will give those people a call and see if they are interested in coming over and joining with the Palmer United and forming the Opposition,” he said.

“It would also give you the opportunity to run at the next state election as one of our leading candidates for the state campaign and we will support you fully, 100 per cent, which I know that the LNP and Liberal party don’t do.

“…Michael, I am going to leave this with you, I understand that it is a big call for you and big thing to do with your life, but the opportunities we could offer you are enormous – the Palmer United Party is going a long way. We are tracking up 15 per cent of the state and we believe that is going to grow dramatically when our Senators take position on 1 July.

“So what would I have to offer you for you to come over and join the Palmer United?”

Mr Hart answered that he was a “pretty blunt person” and “quite frankly there is nothing you can offer me, mate. I am LNP through and through and I will stay there.”

Following the conversation, Mr Hart sent a text message to the Premier to alert him of the approach and called the police, claiming he had been offered an inducement.

A police spokeswoman later announced that, having reviewed the matter, officers would not take their investigation further.

Mr Palmer denies Mr Hart had been offered inducements.

“I had a look at the transcript, it is really nothing at all,” Mr Palmer said.

“As you know the matter was referred to the Queensland police and they just threw it out.  All that Jim said was ‘what do you want to do to come across and join us?’ and he was referring to whether he wanted to be endorsed for a seat….”

Mr Palmer said members of the LNP backbench were in discussions with his party to join PUP on the cross benches.