Throwing a Gold Coast party Palmer-Katter style

I cannot lie, a plan for a PUP and KAP Coalition to oust Labor as the official Queensland opposition is doing weird things to my stomach.

I don’t know if it’s over-excitement at the thought of all the turmoil an alliance between the Bob Katter and Clive Palmer parties will cause or that I just want to vomit.

I’ll monitor the situation and get back to you.


There is also growing speculation about an early state election – possibly even July.

Top this with allegations PUP is trying to entice nervous LNP MPs over to their side of the playground and my head is in a spin.

This is why some of the country’s leading political reporters hail from Queensland – what a bloody ripper of a training ground this state is.

Basically, things are not getting any better for the Newman Government and the $6 million Strong Choices propaganda campaign is just starting to get really annoying.

But don’t be surprised the so-called ‘survey’ comes back with a finding the public really, really wants the Government to sell off all its assets.

That is because it’s not a proper poll and we don’t know who will be collating the results.

If that is the ‘shock’ finding, Mr Newman can use the need for a mandate to sell assets to call an early election.

It is no secret some LNP MPs are getting very nervous the government is in for a walloping and the only assistance they will be providing their constituents soon will be from an aisle in Bunnings.

The Gold Coast’s ten seats are promising to be volatile, which is always fun.

There is nothing more amusing than usually invisible MPs suddenly courting the local media and attending functions they once ignored.

So it’s not surprising PUP is starting to pick off worried MPs, allegedly.

Local PUP Alex Douglas said his party’s polling had shown the LNP could lose all its seats on the Gold Coast, which seems pretty unlikely.

But I would be worried if I was Michael Hart in Burleigh.

Particularly as when he frantically texted Mr Newman a few weeks ago to tell him PUP were after him – he did not get a reply.

Fortunately, there is a Bunnings in Burleigh.



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