Palmer’s rented GC mansion trashed by couple who lost son in Logan fire

A couple who lost their toddler son in a house fire, have trashed a luxury Gold Coast mansion rented to them by Clive Palmer.

Jaryd Campbell and Belinda Warwick were inundated with donations and sympathy when they lost their two-year-old son Roman in a house fire in Logan in May.

Among those who stepped in to help the family, who were left homeless after the blaze, was politician Clive Palmer.


Palmer rented a luxury Helensvale home for the family for six months, reportedly paying  $1000 a week.

However when the couple’s lease ended this week, the home owner, who had just returned from Singapore after 6-months, discovered her luxury abode had been trashed so badly it was in a state of squalor, with the repair bill a reported $100,000.

Photo: 7NEWS

Photo: 7NEWS

The damage included holes in walls, blood, faeces, urine and a sink filled with maggots as well as doors off their hinges and glass panels from sliding doors out of their frame.

Photo: 7NEWS

Photo: 7NEWS

Mr Palmer said that he was disappointed by the state of the home.

“It’s a little bit disappointing that people have acted that way when we sought to help them,” he said.

The couple also left behind boxes of toys donated to them.

Photo: 7NEWS

Photo: 7NEWS

Louie Naumovski, founder of the Logan House Fire Support Network, said the remaining funds donated to the family by people after the fire, would now go towards the repair costs.

Photo: 7NEWS

Photo: 7NEWS



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How ungrateful they are there is no need for anyone to do this and they had their rent paid for them it makes it hard for other people that would appreciate it

This is the reason why we and ao many people can not find a decent rental home. We have been paying 700 a week upwards in holiday accomodation while trying to rent. This behavior makes it hard for landlords to trust tenants when there are sincere clean responsible people trying to rent. How can anyone take advantage of such kindness.

OMG How disrespectful people have nothing and make do and then ya get a family who was helped and trash a place poor Mr Palmer United Party gave her all the help in the world and this couple trashed it, breaks ya heart having nothing and this person had it all and look how they showed they were great full they need locking up and taught a lesson for what they have done there was no need to destroy a house and leave it like trash I give any thing to have a fridge or lounge suite or a decent bed after being in hospital coming home to find my house trashed when i went through cancer and this woman gets help and look what she does

Disgusting pigs.
Way to ruin the rental market.
I would treat the house fire with 100% suspicion now if this is the way they treat other houses.

The rest of the fundraising money should go to families and this family should have to foot the bill. People have gone out of the way to help these people only to have it thrown back in their face. Good luck finding another property now

Very sad to see indeed I have lost my son to the drug ICE and I just take day by day don’t get angry just deal with my sadness in my cries at night my husband works 24/7 and we are trying hard to save for a house like that one day mabe when we win Loto but makes us think twice on renting any property out.