Palmer’s wife keen to go head to head with Alex Douglas

FEDERAL MP Clive Palmer has announced his wife is one of three candidates that are in the running to represent the Palmer United Party party against newly Independent MP Dr Alex Douglas in next year’s state election.

Anna Palmer is seeking preselection in the Gold Coast seat of Gaven to take on the ex Palmer United Party member.

Dr Douglas quit the PUP in August alleging at the time that it was a “jobs for the boys” culture and says now that this new development is simply evidence of that.


He said Mr Palmer is “just confirming what I originally said when I left the party, he’s now putting his family members up, he’s now got his wife running, he hasn’t even got a registered party in Queensland.”

The announcement comes after Dr Douglas predicted on Thursday that Clive Palmer wouldn’t put up any candidates for the next election.

Mr Palmer told the ABC “it’s interesting that Alex Douglas says that because we have got three candidates that want to stand in the seat of Gaven.”

Dr Douglas says that he didn’t know how Mr Palmer intended to win.

“He doesn’t think members should genuinely run for the party, he only thinks that family members and second cousins and people who work for him (should run). I mean it’s absolute nonsense, what’s he gonna rename Queensland at the end, Palmerland?”

Hot on the heels of this latest development Palmer also announced that he would have candidates in Mudgeeraba, Maryborough and Kawana.

Palmer is expected to announce the new Queensland PUP State Leader on Friday after previous MP Carl Judge quit the party last week.

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