Pam Anderson wants more done for Assange, while visiting Gold Coast

Pamela Anderson has wasted no time renewing her pleas to Australia’s Prime Minister to help Julian Assange, after touching down on the Gold Coast to film an Ultra Tune ad.

She’ll be busy filming for around a week, though instead of spending her down time at the beach or enjoying all the Gold Coast has to offer, her plans are more politically charged.

The former Baywatch star turned activist has again called for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to do more to help Julian Assange, amid news that his condition is seriously deteriorating.


Over 60 medical professionals have signed a letter saying he’s suffering psychological problems and could die in the London prison where he’s being held.

It’s understood Pamela’s arrival in Australia was delayed slightly, due to a ‘family situation’ which also affected her plans to address parliament in Canberra.

Though a transcript of her planned speech was linked to the Sydney Morning Herald, which pleads with the Prime Minister to pick up the phone and do something.

Here are parts of the transcript of her planned speech, which was published last night by the Sydney Morning Herald.

“He doesn’t want ‘special treatment’, he just wants to be treated like any other Australian citizen and journalist, he has not committed any crime for which a precedent in law stands.

“Every Australian needs to be aware that if Julian Assange is extradited to the USA for publishing then every other journalist and publisher of facts on the internet is vulnerable to execution or 175 years’ imprisonment for simply publishing facts that were delivered to him by whistleblowers.

“The precedent that will be established endangering every single Australian that dares publish facts on the web that expose War Crimes and systemic corruption.

“Remembering that is exactly the stated practice of every investigative journalist that works for the ABC, SBS, Chanel 9, 10, 7 and Sky here in Australia.

“Then without warning and after weeks of his shaving equipment being withheld to make him look untidy, he was literally dragged out and thrown into a van, for more psychological torture.

“Then he is further psychologically tortured thrown into a super max prison? With mass murderers and the most violent and brutal of humanity.

“It was the cruellest moment and it hurt me terribly. I could only imagine what it felt like for him.

“He was looking to us like his life depended on us. He was looking to us for hope.

“Do as your previous leader did for James Ricketson. Pick up the phone and save an Australian hero.

“Pick up the phone and call President [Donald} Trump and call Prime Minister [Boris] Johnson and tell them to do their part to save the people’s democratic right in the Western world and free Julian Assange.

“Silence is complicity when faced with the onset of tyranny and the destruction of human rights as this case symbolises in the highest order.

“Join together and free Julian Assange and do what your people demand,” the transcript reads.