Pamela Anderson lashes out at Scott Morrison over ‘smutty’ comments

Actress Pamela Anderson has taken a swipe at Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, accusing him of making “smutty, unnecessary” comments about her.

The former Baywatch star made the remarks in an open letter which she posted to twitter today, after Mr Morrison reportedly laughed about her plea to help bring WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange back home to Australia.

Ms Anderson made the appeal to the Prime Minister on 60 Minutes Australia earlier this month, where she urged him to “defend your friend, get Julian his passport back and take him back to Australia and be proud of him, and throw him a parade when he gets home”.


Speaking to 1029 Hot Tomato’s Flan, Emily Jade and Christo two weeks ago, the Prime Minister said he’s had “plenty of mates who’ve asked me if they can be my special envoy to sort the issue out with Pamela Anderson.”

In her letter, Ms Anderson said: “Dear Prime Minister Morrison, your comments following my appeal to you on 60 Minutes were disappointing.”

“You trivialized and laughed about the suffering of an Australian and his family.

“You followed it with smutty, unnecessary comments about a woman voicing her political opinion.

“We all deserve better from our leaders, especially in the current environment.”