Paramedics urge motorists to drive safe these summer school holidays

THE Queensland Ambulance Service is calling for motorists to drive responsibly and take care on our roads these Christmas holidays.

Gold Coast Assistant Commissioner John Hammond said that sadly incidents of traumatic road crashes often increase over busy holiday periods.

“With more people on the roads, many of who are travelling long-distances, paramedics are often confronted with more road traffic crashes than usual,” Mr Hammond said.


“Last year paramedics were called to 288 traffic incidents on Gold Coast roads over the summer school holidays.

“The impact on the victims and bystanders of a serious crash can stay with them for a lifetime, and this can also be the case for paramedics and other emergency services personnel at the scene.

“We want you to get home to your families, or to your holiday destination, safely.”

Mr Hammond said people should be aware of the ‘fatal five’ that are the causes of most road crashes: speeding, drink and drug driving, distraction and inattention, fatigue and failure to wear a seatbelt.

“So please drive safely, stick to the speed limit, and don’t drive if you are fatigued or unwell,” he said.

“If you’re travelling long distances check your car is in good working order before you leave, plot your course including your rest breaks, and download the free Emergency+ app to your smartphone.

“When travelling in an unfamiliar area it can be difficult to provide emergency services with your exact location in the event of an already-stressful incident.

“The Emergency+ app displays coordinates derived from the smartphone’s GPS function to pin point your location so paramedics can find you quickly.”