Paraplegic driver rescued from sinking car on the Gold Coast

A PARAPLEGIC driver is lucky to be alive after crashing his car into a canal on the Gold Coast.

It’s understood the young man lost control of his BMW sedan and crashed into the water at Hope Island after suffering a suspected medical episode behind the wheel on Friday.

The man, who is confined to a wheelchair, was trapped in the vehicle as it began taking on water.


A pair of quick-thinking tradies working on a barge nearby saved the day, however, leaping into action and pulling the driver from his sinking car.

Source: 9 News

“We only just managed to open the door as it [the vehicle] was starting to go down” hero-tradie Brendon Keats told Nine News.

“We got him [the driver] in the life-ring and dragged him back in. He was very lucky that we were right there because we were the only ones around.”

The life-ring the tradies used to rescue the driver had only been installed on the barge this morning.