Parents outraged over lack of communication during Gold Coast school lockdown

Parents of the Helensvale State Primary School are furious that they weren’t given more information during a lengthy lockdown yesterday.

The Primary School sent texts and emails out to parents after children had already been dropped off, saying it was in lockdown and that they shouldn’t come near the school.

Parent’s were naturally extremely concerned as to the nature of the lockdown, having been given only a few details at the start of the day.


Texts and emails were received at different times, some received texts around 9.30am, some received emails around 11.00am, slowly but surely, a crowd of parents flocked to the school for answers.

It was three hours before police addressed the worried parents, who had gathered at the school gates, waiting anxiously for more information.

“Upon arrival here the school was placed into lockdown by the Education Department and it remains so while the CPIU investigators determine the validity of the threats that have been made,” Inspector Karen Shaw told them.

It was revealed to parents that the threats were made to the school’s voicemail, overnight.

“There’s no direct threat to students or to any parents at the school here, however, procedures are in place for the school to be in lockdown and whilst we continue our investigations that will remain the case.”

“All [children] have been fed, watered, they’re in an air-conditioned classroom and are being offered comfort breaks,” Inspector Shaw said.

PHOTO | by Monique St Clair, myGC

After finally being filled in on the nature of the threats, parents stayed waiting at the gates for more information about when the lockdown would be lifted, and they could collect their child.

Concern and speculation started circling over why children were allowed to come to the school in the first place if the voicemails had been left overnight.

“Why didn’t the EDU put a notification out to parents before school started to avoid this situation, and we could have all just kept everybody at home,” a concerned parent said.

Further criticisms over the lack of information given to parents, who had waited hours in the sun just to hear if their children were okay.

“They’ve sent these messages out, but they haven’t got anyone here to explain to the parents, except when that police officer came out and told us basically, kind of, what was going on.

“Parents are always left in the dark and I think it’s a disgrace to be quite honest,” said an angered grandparent.

Police are still investigating who may have sent the voicemails, as speculation grows that the threats may have been meant for Helensvale State High School following the Snapchat Bullying saga of last week.

Police confirmed this morning that they’re speaking to people, and looking through various pieces of evidence to try and confirm who sent the messages and why.

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