Parents punch-on over Facebook fight at children’s netball game in NSW

A FACEBOOK fight has exploded into a full-blown fist fight between parents at a children’s netball game in NSW.

The wild scenes unfolded at a junior netball final at the Equex Centre in Wagga Wagga on Saturday afternoon.

According to local media reports, three men came to blows at the family-friendly event shortly after midday.


A man holding a five-day-old baby is alleged to have triggered the violence by spitting in a second man’s face.

The second man then allegedly lashed out and attacked the father who was holding the newborn baby.

Witnesses recalled hearing the father say: “I’m holding a baby. Stop!” before a third man came to his aid.

The third man is alleged to have punched the second man to the ground before parents and children, many of whom were said to be terrified and screaming, rushed in to break it up.

Witnesses told the Daily Advertiser the man could be heard saying: “This is all over one thing I posted on Facebook”.

The man who was punched to the ground was treated at the scene by paramedics.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the assault.

Investigations into the incident are continuing.