Parents’ survival guide for Schoolies on the Gold Coast

SCHOOLIES. It’s the one time of the year that every school leaver looks forward to, but which can understandably leave some parents feeling a little anxious.

Matt Lloyd, CEO of, the event’s central bookings site for nearly 30 years and organiser of more than 30,000 schoolies holidays annually, offers the following five tips to help parents relax about Schoolies.

Think of it as the parents’ survival guide!


It’s well organised:, the Queensland Government and local councils work together to implement an exciting program of Schoolies-only events and entertainment during Schoolies. In fact each year alone invests around $1.6 million in additional support covering safety and events. For example, Schoolies enjoy various themed dance parties at nightclubs in Surfers Paradise which are no-alcohol, Schoolies only, fully supervised events. Other activities at various Schoolies destinations include free nightly DJ entertainment, movie nights and dance parties. has also initiated an all-ages Beach Festival in week two of Schoolies called Schoolies Nation, primarily for interstate visitors to the Gold Coast. This year Schoolies Nation will also be held at Airlie Beach for the first time.

It’s safe: Huge investments have been made on safety measures for Schoolies. With hundreds of Redfrog staff, volunteer helpers and the Queensland Schoolies Safety Response team in action, everything possible is being done to ensure Schoolies is remembered for the right reasons. customers also enjoy exclusive safety measures including comprehensive security on all buildings, official photo ID, Schoolies App featuring emergency contacts, 24 hour helpline for parents and students and the knowledge that you’re booking with a Schoolies specialist company.

It’s a phone call away: In the modern age of communication it is comforting for parents to know their teenager is only a phone call away. It’s a good idea for parents to set up regular text, phone or FaceTime sessions with their kids. Swap phone numbers with other parents before they leave and make sure your child’s phone is charged, switched on and has credit. Of course you can keep up with their antics on social media and leave embarrassing comments every now and again so they know you’re watching! On a serious note, don’t forget to remind your teenager about the potential risks involved with social media and how to protect their privacy as well as respecting other people’s privacy.

It’s fun: Each year thousands of Year 12 students descend on Schoolies destinations to celebrate the end of their school years and enjoy what is also the ultimate summer holiday in a safe, organised atmosphere. They’ve worked hard and this is their chance to let off a little steam before their life gets serious again with full time work or further study. Remember those special times you shared with your friends when you were young? You turned out okay didn’t you?

There’s no such thing as a silly question: loves communicating with parents so they feel as comfortable as possible and well informed about their teenager attending Schoolies. We’ve heard some classic questions over the years too, such as what is the GSM showing on my child’s invoice? (Hmmm, GST perhaps?) A mum once asked us if her giant ham would fit in her son’s apartment fridge. (Depends what you mean by giant!). The point is has heard just about everything. We think it’s awesome that parents and guardians are looking out for their kids and we are always on hand ready to answer their questions – the serious and the silly.

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