Parents urged to check their children’s nightwear

Following the recent update to the mandatory standard for children’s nightwear, the Office of Fair Trading is urging parents to always check warning labels on their kids’ clothes.

Under the improved national mandatory standard for children’s nightwear, highly-flammable garments will be excluded from sale, in addition to better labelling for fire warning.

The Office of Fair trading says the changes will allow parents and caregivers to breathe a little easier and help consumers make more informed choices when purchasing nightwear.


Importers and retailers will have a transition period until 1 January 2020 to implement the new requirements.

Fair Trading Executive Director Brian Bauer said he was pleased with the changes, however reminded parents and caregivers to always double check whether or not their child’s nightwear met safety standards.

“Several lines of children’s nightwear that didn’t meet the current safety standard have been recalled and pulled off shelves recently,” Mr Bauer said.

“A child standing next to a fire or a heat source and wearing non-compliant nightwear is at a greater risk of severe burns.”

The OFT recommends parents and caregivers always remember these safety tips:
• Look for a fire danger label when buying sleepwear, remembering garments with a lower fire danger label or the new low fire hazard label can still be flammable.
• If a child may be near a heat source, do not choose nightwear labelled ‘high fire danger’.
• The more fitting the nightwear is, the lower the risk of burns. Close fitting nightwear is considered to be safer, as it doesn’t allow for the same ‘billowing effect’ as loose garments. Loose fitting nightwear and open garments, such as dressing gowns and nighties, allow flames to burn more rapidly.
• Regularly check the smoke alarms in your house, and regularly check the battery.
• Learn how to provide first aid for burns and scalds.
• In case of an emergency, teach your child to ‘stop, drop, cover face and roll’.

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