Paris teacher admits to ‘lying’ about being stabbed by ISIS terrorist

A Paris teacher is facing serious charges after sparking a major terrorist alert, following claims he was stabbed by an Islamic State terrorist.

The 45-year-old told police he was slashed in the throat and abdomen by his attacker in a Paris nursery school around 7am on Monday, adding that the ‘terrorist’ shouted his support for ISIS during the attack.

The alleged terrorist attack sparked a major manhunt, however while the victim was being interviewed, police noticed inconsistencies in his story, including that there were no obvious injuries on the man and that no one else saw the incident take place.


The man is now facing serious charges after it was revealed he made the information up.

The incident comes almost a month after 130 people were killed when Islamic State terrorists stormed the city.

Since then the whole country has been on a maximum security alert.